Application of the video-tutorial "Challenge for Referees" in sports training of young basketball referees for the game season

Keywords: basketball, refereeing, video tutorial, physical fitness, functionality


Aim: to develop and experimentally substantiate the use of the video manual "Challenge for Referees" in the sports training of young basketball referees for the playing season.

Material and methods: young basketball referees (30 people), category C, (18-20 years old) refereeing experience of one year took part in the experiment. The control and experimental groups of 15 people were randomly allocated. All participants agreed to participate in the experiment. The study was conducted from June to August 2020. At the beginning and at the end of the experiment, all study participants underwent complex physical testing (push-ups 30 s, long jump from a place, jumping rope in 1 minute, running 3000 m, lifting the trunk in sitting position for 1 min, pulling up on the bar, stretch of the upper-body forward from a sitting position, Romberg's test), functional (Rufier's test, Genchi's test, Stange's test), psychophysiological state testing using the" Psychodiagnostics "computer program. The indicators of the speed of a simple visual-motor reaction and the speed of a complex visual-motor choice reaction, mathematical and statistical methods were determined.

Results. A video manual "Challenge for Referees" has been developed and introduced into the training process, with the help of which it is possible to determine the level of complex preparedness of young basketball referees, their psychophysiological capabilities. This manual provides sets of exercises and examples of training sessions to improve the physical, technical and theoretical preparedness of referee of category C in preparation for the playing season.

Conclusions. It is shown that as a result of the experiment, the indicators of technical, physical and functional readiness of basketball referee of the experimental group significantly (p <0.05) improved in comparison with the control group. As a result of the method of expert assessments, significant (p <0.05) differences were revealed in the indicators of technical readiness of the experimental group in comparison with the control group.


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