Assessment of the functional state and level of physical fitness of people with immunodeficiency virus with different levels of T-lymphocytes in the practice of a physical therapist

Keywords: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, in human immunodeficiency virus, physical therapy, functional status



Purpose: to assess the functional state of patients with human immunodeficiency virus with different levels of T-lymphocytes for use in the practice of physical therapy.

Materials and methods. We examined 24 patients with human immunodeficiency virus at the stage of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at the outpatient stage of treatment. The patients were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 included 11 patients with CD4+ T-lymphocyte levels <100 cells ml-1, and group 2 included 13 patients with CD4+ T-lymphocyte levels above 150 cells ml-1 (р<0.01). The clinical and anamnestic data, the main anthropometric parameters and physiological indices, the results of carpal dynamometry, the 6-minute walk test, characterizing the functional state of people living with the human immunodeficiency virus, were studied. The results of immunological, virological and biochemical parameters were also studied.

Results. Anthropometric indicators: Group 1 – body mass index 48.9±7.4 kg m2-1, waist to hip ratio ratio 0.92±0.17 cm, leg circumference 16.6±0.8 cm; Group 2 – body mass index 23.1±2.8 kg m2-1, waist to hip ratio ratio 1.14±0.11 cm, leg circumference 15.9±1.4 cm (р>0.05 ). Indicators of physiological indices: Reed - group 1 - 17.3±7.2%, group 2 -  18.3±11.8% (p>0.05); Hobbes - group I 70.9 ± 5.5%, group 2 - 93.6 ± 11.8% (p<0.05), Kerdo - group 1 was 26.6 ± 14.2%, group 2 - 10 .8 ± 14.7% (р<0.05). Index of functional changes group 2 - 2.44±0.2 points, group 2 - 2.59±0.3 points (p>0.05). Dynamometry indicators - group I - 17.5 ± 6.8 kg, group 2 - 28.1 ± 9.4 kg (р>0.05); strength index – group 1 35.3±-9.6%, group 2 40.5±10.4% (р>0.05); 6 min walk test in group 1 - 402.8±40.04 m, group 2 459.7±56.1 m (р<0.05). Indicators of biochemical studies were in reference values ??in patients of both groups.

Conclusions. There is a decrease in the functional state and the predominance of catabolic processes in people with human immunodeficiency virus with a significant deficiency of CD4+ T-lymphocytes.


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Author Biographies

Andrii Orfin, CPR of the LOR "Lviv Regional Infectious Clinical Hospital", Lviv, Ukraine

CPR of the LOR "Lviv Regional Infectious Clinical Hospital",

Lviv, Pekarska 54, Ukraine

Maria Mazepa, Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Bobersky, Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Bobersky,

Lviv, Tadeusz Kostyushko street 11, Ukraine


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